Armgate birth year

The company was established by two doctors, and it was literally "born" in the Riga Maternity Hospital - the first premises were rented and were located in the basement of the hospital, later - in the old building of the building. The company operated in the premises of the maternity hospital until 2002.

First steps in business

began with the sale of medical equipment, training of doctors and  installation of newborn incubators and nursing tables manufactured by the American company (then called Air-Shields Vickers, later Hill-Rom Air-Shields) in maternity hospitals, children's hospitals in Latvia and the former Soviet Union republics.

The supply and technical maintenance services of laboratory and analytical equipment started with the first gas chromatograph installed in the laboratory of A/S Ventspils nafta environmental protection department. Soon this became the company's principal area of activity.
Shimadzu Corp. is one of the leading manufacturers of analytical equipment in the world, which has been on the European market for more than 45 years. Armgate SIA acquired sales, installation, as well as warranty and post-warranty maintenance rights in Latvia and Lithuania.
With the exhibition "Analytica-1998" 

in Munich our regular trips to international exhibitions dedicated to laboratory and scientific-research equipment began. Our employees and customers go to Analytica in Munich once every 2 years or to the Achema exhibition in Frankfurt every 3 years, and also regularly visit Pittcon in New Orleans, Chinalab in China and ArabLab in Dubai.

A representation agreement signed with ISL and Walter Herzog GmbH - companies that manufacture fuel quality control equipment. After a few years, both companies were merged into PAC Ltd. (Petroleum Analyzer Company), which also includes Antek, Analytical Controls, Alcor, Petrospec, PSPI and Cambridge Viscosoty. Armgate SIA is the only PAC representative in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia with almost 90% market share.
The first seminar for clients

took place on September 12-14 at the "Majori" hotel in JÅ«rmala, and was visited by 35 participants. This is when the tradition of Armgate seminars and conferences began, where we introduce our customers to the news of the represented companies. During the twenty years of business, we have organized more than 25 seminars.

Until now, the largest number of participants - 130 - attended the seminar in 2003, which was held before joining the European Union and the topic of the seminar was "Laboratory planning according to EU norms".

Armgate UAB starts operations in Lithuania

In the fall of 2001, Arm gate UAB, a subsidiary of the Latvian company, was founded. It employs 6 employees - sales managers and service engineers. The office located in a newly built office building near the center of Vilnius is an Armgate property.

Signed a representation agreement with Anton Paar

on cooperation in Latvia. Anton Paar is an Austrian company that manufactures high-end rheometers, refractometers, density meters, viscometers, microwave sample preparation ovens, as well as equipment for testing the quality of food and beverage production.

During 10 years, Anton Paar analyzers have been installed in almost every beverage (alcoholic, juice, beer) production facility in Latvia.

Armgate ranks 53rd in the list of the fastest growing companies in Latvia "GAZELE 2002"

Newspaper Dienas Bizness "Gazele 2002" TOP survey on the fastest growing company in Latvia by net turnover growth 1999-2001. Armgate ranked 53rd. Since 2000, Dienas Bizness newspaper has been collecting information on the fastest growing Latvian companies, which are called Gazelles, in cooperation with Lursoft IT, a provider of information technology development and information services.


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