The World’s first fully automated AFM-Raman-SNOM instrument. Integration of AFM with multiple optical techniques: confocal Raman/fluorescence microscopy, SNOM, TERS etc. Comprehensive sample characterization on the nanoscale – easy and fast.

  • Simultaneous AFM and confocal Raman imaging using different objectives (up to 100x).
  • Free rotation of microscope turret (up to 4 objectives) with AFM probe on the sample.
  • Automated removal of AFM probe (for low working distance objectives or when AFM probe is not required).
  • HotSpot – Automatic location of active TERS* region on the probe.
  • Fully automated and easy to use operation


The new SPECTRUM instrument was developed based on NT-MDT more than 15 years experience in building AFM - Raman – SNOM systems. The unique features include: full automation, advanced AFM capabilities, complete integration with optical techniques.

Unique integration of SPM with optics for AFM - Raman - SNOM – TERS

  • Upright or Full Transmission configuration.
  • Upright microscope with 4 position revolving turret. Possibility to install up to 4 different objectives starting from the lenses for large area visualization to high numerical aperture objectives for high optical resolution,
  • Scanning by laser spot. This option is provided by very stable scanner-mirror with closed loop capacitance sensors. Latter allows to position the laser spot with a high precision on the tip apex.
  • Fiber or direct input/output of the excitation laser/registered signal. Specially designed optical mechanical unit allows to input the incident laser by using high transmission optical fiber and output the collected signal through the fiber directly to the monochromator. Otherwise it is possible to couple directly SPECTRUM system with commercially available spectrometers (Solar, Renishaw).
  • SNOM. Due to Full Transmission configuration it is possible to perform aperture and apertureless SNOM using cantilever or fiber probes



  • Sample movement.
  • Laser/cantilever/photodiode system alignment.
  • Automatic removal of AFM probe (when low working distance objectives are used or when AFM probe is not required).
  • Probe approach & retraction.
  • Scanning parameters adjustment.

Unique SPM capabilities

  • Low noise. Sample scanning with resolution down to atomic.
  • Large sample size (up to 50mm×50mm). Special sample holder for slides (75mm×25mm).
  • AFM, STM and tuning fork operation; measurements in liquid.
  • More than 30 advanced SPM modes supported - together with Raman. 


Sample survey with high resolution. Automated high resolution AFM - Raman imaging without limitations of the piezo-scanner range.

  1. Choosing area on the sample (any size, no limitations of the scanner).
  2. Automated AFM probe approach.
  3. Simultaneous measurement of AFM and confocal Raman/fluorescence maps from multiple areas (automated).
  4. Image stiching (automated).

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