Main features

• Industry leading automation level
• Outstanding noise floor and thermal drifts
• Fast scanner with XYZ low-noise close-loop
• Routine atomic resolution
• 60+ SPM modes in basic configuration
• Continuous zoom from millimeter to nanometer range
• Integrated with new Atomic Force Microscopy technique 

 HybriD Mode™

Ultimate automation

Atomic Force Microscope NEXT provides motorized sample positioning and integrated high resolution optical microscope positioning, motorized continuous zoom and focusing of the optical microscope. But AFM automation is more than just motorization. Powerful Nova PX software algorithms remove a gap between optics and AFM providing continuous zoom from huge panoramic optical view down to  atomic resolution.


Since all step movers are coupled together with the optical image, NEXT provides autofocus, fast one-click cantilever alignment, panoramic optical view and multiple scanning on 5×5 mm range.




Automation features

  • Cantilever recognition and automatic laser alignment both in liquid
    and air
  • Autofocus
  • Panoramic optical field of view up to 7×7mm with 2um resolution
  • Point-and-click motorized precise sample positioning
  • Gentle engagement procedure and automatic feedback loop adjustment
  • Automated MultiScan™ routine on 5x5mm range with stitching of   overlapping scans
  • 100s of scans per day automatically
  • Automatic software configuration for all advanced modes
  • 3D mouse for controlling sample stage and optical microscope step movers  


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