LCMS-8050 LC/MS/MS System

UF Technologies Combine Sensitivity and High Speed

The LCMS-8050 combines the following technologies to ensure highly sensitive, high-speed performance:

[ UFsensitivity ] achieves high-sensitivity performance utilizing a new heated ESI probe and new UFsweeper III collision cell.
[ UFswitching ] high-speed positive/negative ionization switching and high-speed MRM [ UF-MRM ] maintain data quality and sensitivity.
[ UFscanning ] high-speed scan rate obtains high-quality mass spectra, even during high-speed analysis

UF Scanning

High-Sensitivity & High-Speed Scanning at 30,000 u/sec

Simultaneous Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
Simultaneous High-Speed Screening of 12 Toxicological Drugs

The LCMS-8050 is capable of simultaneously obtaining both qualitative and quantitative information in a single analysis. Acquisition occurs so rapidly that MS/MS scans and MRM measurements can be performed concurrently while maintaining quantitative accuracy. MS/MS scans are usable and reliable because even at 30,000 u/sec, Shimadzu uses a 0.1 u scan step.


High-Sensitivity & High-Speed Positive/Negative Ionization Switching in 5 msec

Just One Minute per Analysis

A Case Study Using High-Speed Positive/Negative Ionization Switching

When performing simultaneous positive/negative ion measurements of multiple components, the proper acquisition of sharp UHPLC peaks depends on rapid polarity switching. The LCMS-8050 minimizes losses due to polarity switching and ensures the collection of sufficient data points for even the narrow peaks obtained with UHPLC, recording accurate peak shapes and allowing excellent reproducibility.


High-Sensitivity & High-Speed MRM at 555 ch/sec

Detect Target Compounds at Trace-Level Concentrations
Simultaneous Analysis of 29 Pesticides for Water Quality Analysis

The LCMS-8050 is capable of simultaneously acquiring 555 MRM transitions per second while maintaining accuracy and precision. Sufficient data points can be collected for quantitation ions, reference ions, and internal standard ions even in chromatographic regions with unresolved peaks. The high sensitivity of the LCMS-8050 allows for trace-level analysis, such as pesticides in drinking water, without the need for sample pre-concentration. This high sensitivity is maintained even when monitoring numerous MRM channels.

LabSolutions LCMS Ver.5.6

LabSolutions LCMS is integrated workstation software used to control LCMS-8030/8040/8050 models, as well as Shimadzu HPLC/UHPLC systems from a single user interface.

Equipped with a variety of data processing features, the software allows the creation of quantitation methods for multi-component analysis, enabling anyone to perform quantitative analyses with ease.


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