GCMSsolution is the workstation software for Shimadzu GCMS-TQ series gas chromatograph mass spectrometers.
It features a user-friendly interface that allows intuitive operation while an ample collection of Wizard functions assists in entering parameters. This ensures that even first-time users can navigate operations.
In addition, GCMSsolution offers a generous array of features, such as an automatic retention time adjustment function, outstanding ease-of-operation that allows identifying multiple components more efficiently, and a report creation function that offers a high degree of freedom in formatting reports.

Comprehensive range of features for efficiently creating and implementing methods

  • Automatic Adjustment of Compound Retention Time, AART
  • Creation of Automatic Scan/SIM Table, COAST

Extensive support for creating MRM methods

  • Smart Database
  • Smart MRM
  • MRM Optimization Tool

Makes possible virtually effortless analysis of data

  • Quantitation Browser
  • Supports Accurate Compound Identification
  • Similarity Search with Retention Index
  • Highly Flexible Report Customization

Supports GLP/GMP

  • User Management
  • Various Validation Functions
  • Audit Trail

Transition from GC-MS to GC-MS/MS is also smooth

  • GC-MS methods can also be used for GC-MS/MS
  • MRM methods can easily be created from SIM methods
  • Similarity of software procedures results in lower training costs


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