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Kompaktais elektronmikroskops TM3030 Plus

Jauno TM3030 modeli Hitachi 2014.gadā papildinājis ar otru detektoru un nosaucis par TM3030 Plus.

Standarta komplektācijā TM3030 Plus aprīkots ar  diviem detektoriem - sekundāro elektronu (SE) un atstaroto elektronu (BSE) detektoru. Detektoru signālus iespējams kombinēt un iegūt maksimālu informāciju par parauga virsmu, tā topogrāfiju un kompozīciju.

Šis modelis īpaši ir piemērots bioloģiskiem paraugiem un tā saucamajiem “soft” materiāla paraugiem, piem. polimēriem.

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NEW Flash Point Analyzer OptiFlash

PAC Releases the Herzog OptiFlash™ for Safe and Easy Flash Point Determination.
The new Herzog OptiFlash determines the flash point of petroleum products, biodiesels, solvents, fluxed bitumen, food, and beverages up to 400°C.

It complies to leading global standards, such as ASTM D93, ISO 2719, EN ISO 2719, IP 34, JIS K2265, GB/T 261.

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Cetane Igniton Delay CID-510

On July 2014 Herzog CID-510 measurement technology has been accepted by ASTM. Newly accepted method is ASTM D7768-14 ASTM Standard Test Method for Determination of Derived Cetane Number (DCN) of Diesel Fuel Oils—Ignition Delay and Combustion Delay Using a Constant Volume Combustion Chamber Method.

Herzog CID-510 analyzer that was developed according to unique technology is the most precise unit on market and has excellent correlation with ASTM D613-13 Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil. CID-510 can determine Derived Cetane number (DCN) in any type of diesel including biodiesel, FAME, HVO, BTL and GTL.                                      

Unit is fully automated, compact, can be placed on laboratory table. There is no need for special room and heavy fundament as it in case with CFR engine.

CID-510 is easy to use without special operator training.            .

 Existing technologies, such as CFR Engine and CVCC methods, do not meet present market requirements with their high investment and operational cost, difficult operation, and poor system performance.

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