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The 31st International Symposium on Chromatography ISC 2016 in Cork, Ireland 28.08.-1.09.


The major focus of the conference will be on the impact and continuing contribution of chromatography and separation science to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, food, health, science and medicine industry. The conference programme will reflect these themes and highlight new challenges and emerging opportunities for the science and marketing of separation and detection systems and methods.   Integral part of t…

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International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry


Event time: 08.01.2016

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in December 2015 isssue has publisged an article "Source identification of nitrate by means of stable nitrogen isotopes in the river Daugava and loads of nitrogen to the gulf of Riga".  Authors S.Osipov (DU), A.Skute (DU), D.Vardanjan (Armgate).

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