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Joint symposium RCBJSF - 2014 - FM&NT. Riga, 29.09.14.-2.10.14.


Joint symposium: Conference on functional materials and nanotechnologies FM&NT and  Russia/CIS/Baltic/Japan international symposium on ferroelectricity RCBJSF  will be held together on September 29 – October 2, 2014 in Riga, Latvia. The Symposium RCBJSF - 2014 - FM&NT will take place in conference hall of the just opened National Library of Latvia, 3 Mukusalas street, Riga. Topics will cover ferr…

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Shimadzu NEWS 2014 - 2


Event time: 15.09.2014

Event location: Rīga

Second issue of Shimadzu News journal is vailable now Topics include: TOC in soil science- determination of microbial biomass; FTIR spectroscopy in analysis of bitumen additives; Trace analysis in Synthetic and biopolymes using pyrolysis GCMS; LCMS: fast and simple identification of aminoacids using pre-column derivatization and specialized AmiNavi software; Analysis of Greehhouse gases (CH4, CO2, N2O) with new …

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Shimadzu LCMS-2020 uzstādīšana


Event time: 02.09.2014

Event location: Latvija

Farmācijas uzņēmumā ir pabeigta divu Shimadzu UHPLC sķidrumu hromotogrāfijas sistēmu NEXERA X2 ar viena kvadrupola masas detektoriem MS-2020 un diožu matrices detektoriem uzstādīšana un kvalificēšana. Hromatogrāfijas sistēmas aprīkotas ar augstspiediena (līdz 1300bar) sūkņiem, ultra ātras darbības paraugu ievades sistēmu ar dzesēšanu un kolonnu termostatu ar dzesēšanu. Fotodiožu matrices detekt…

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Scientific conference Inter-Academia 2014. September 10-12th


Event time: 10.09.2014

Event location: RTU, Kalķu iela 1

The International Conference on Global Research and Education, Inter-Academia 2014 will take place at Riga Technical University from September 10 till 12th. Inter-Academia Conferences serve as foot-stones of the international scientific network promoting Inter-Academia philosophy and the academic and social interactions among professors, researchers, and students of the leading Shizuoka University (Japan) and that of the E…

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