Asphalt rheometer SmartPave / SmartPave Plus

The SmartPave dynamic shear rheometer (DSR) is based on the technology of MCR rheometers with the established EC motor system. SmartPave incorporates innovative features like the Toolmaster™, a Peltier temperature device for dry sample heating, and step-by-step instructions for measuring procedures according to AASHTO T315. The SmartPave rheometer takes asphalt rheology to previously unattained levels of accuracy, comfort, and ease of use.

SmartPave and SmartPave Plus

  • Powerful, synchronous EC motor drive
  • High-precision air bearing including patented normal force sensor
  • Intuitive color display
  • Patented Peltier temperature control designed for asphalt applications according to AASHTO T315
  • Dry heating, no water flow around the sample
  • Fully automated temperature calibration
  • Toolmaster™: Patented system for automatic recognition of measuring systems and accessories
  • QuickConnect coupling: Easy, one-hand measuring system connection
  • Large working space for convenient sample filling, trimming, and cleaning
  • Ethernet connection for remote control of the instrument through the company network


  • Pre-defined step-by-step instructions with all test types as defined by AASHTO T315
  • Test methods include Original Binder, RTFO and PAV (both grading and verification)
  • Pre-defined workbook templates for linearity check and automatic temperature calibration

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