Xsample 22/122 Filling and Rinsing Units

The Xsamples 22, 122  have been designed especially for the sample handling of Generation M master instruments and their broad range of applications. The Xsample filling and rinsing units easily manage the multitude of samples analyzed by Generation M master instruments – with simple ‘Plug and Play’ operation.

Xsample 22

The versatile Xsample 22 sample filling unit saves space and is easy to use. High measuring repeatability is guaranteed. At the press of a button Xsample 22 fills the sample into the density meters with a peristaltic pump.

Xsample 122

The Xsample 122 sample changer automatically fills samples from up to 96 sample vials into the Generation M master instruments via a peristaltic pump. In a single cycle the instrument independently performs several filling and measuring procedures in combination with Generation M instruments. Optional bar code reader for automatic sample scanning (up to 48 samples) available (Laser Class II)

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