Shimadzu IRAffiniy-1 FTIR Spectrophotometer

The IRAffinity-1S FTIR spectrophotometer has been designed with teaching and general research laboratories in mind. Despite its compact design, it offers full functionality for all FTIR techniques, including transmission, diffuse reflection, and attenuated total reflection (ATR). The full-sized sample compartment accommodates a wide variety of accessories to meet a diverse range of application requirements.
New LabSolutions IR software, with an intuitive user interface, an extensive library of 12,000 spectra, and user-friendly macros, enables easy operation and enhanced work efficiency. In addition, numerous optional programs, including time course analysis and advanced microscope software, are available to address all modern laboratory needs.

Highest S/N Ratio in Its Class: 30,000:1
Through the incorporation of a high-energy ceramic light source, a temperature-controlled, high-sensitivity DLATGS detector, a high-throughput optical element, and the optimization of the electrical system and optical system, the IRAffinity-1S achieves an outstanding S/N ratio.

Ease of Maintenance Ensured by Built-in Auto Dryer
Beam splitters in the interferometers of FTIR instruments are susceptible to humidity. In order to maintain the long-term stability of the interferometer, the beam splitter must be protected. In the IRAffinity-1S, the interferometer is airtight and incorporates a unique internal auto dryer.

Equipped with Analysis Support Programs
The two main applications of infrared analysis are the analysis of contaminant and identification tests. At Shimadzu, in order to allow operators with little experience in infrared analysis to fully utilize the functionality of the IRAffinity-1S, we have prepared analysis support programs. These programs are useful in a variety of analysis scenarios where infrared spectra are used.

Contaminant Analysis program (Patent pending)
Combining Shimadzu's own algorithms (patent pending) with that of library spectra for common contaminants, this program identifies contaminants with a high degree of accuracy. This easy-to-use program is conducive to all levels of operators. Reports are automatically created after analysis, allowing operators with little knowledge of infrared analysis to easily perform analysis.

Identification Test Program
This program makes pass/fail judgments about samples in accordance with the tests specified under "Infrared Spectrophotometry" in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia. In addition to identification tests for pharmaceutical products, use this program for incoming inspections and pre-shipment inspections.

Smart Design
In addition to all the new features and functions, such as the highest S/N ratio in its class, a resolution of 0.5 cm-1, dynamic alignment, and an interferometer equipped with an auto dryer, the IRAffinity-1 also achieves a reduction of approximately 20% in installation area and width (compared with other Shimadzu products).

A Wide Range of Accessories
Various accessories, to best meet your application requirements, are available.

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