Portable density meter DMA 500

The DMA 500 density meter now gives your analysis a strong spin towards simplicity, providing you with renowned DMA quality at the push of a button. Benefit from high-end accuracy and functionality condensed into a compact, stand-alone package solution.

In the lab

DMA 500 is designed to make life in your lab easier. Providing all functionalities to support your daily work, its ease of use is unrivaled.

On the road

Perform off-the-line measurements outside the traditional lab space. With a DMA 500 in your mobile lab, you are ready to measure off the beaten track.

Near the sample

Save time by measuring your samples at their location: The compact DMA 500 fits into the tight spaces near production lines or storage tanks.

  • Three-digit accuracy at the push of a button
  • Ready to go once out of the box
  • Compact light design for operation outside the traditional lab space
  • Ensures reliable filling and fully traceable results
  • Optional off-the-line operation of up to 6 hours
  • Safe against power outages due to integrated battery

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