Infrared Microscope AIM-8800

This intelligent infrared microscope provides convenient control of stage movement, aperture setting and focusing, all from the PC screen. Supporting analysis using transmission, reflection as well as ATR methods, the AIM-8800 widens the range of application fields. With emphasis on sensitivity for basic performance of this infrared microscope, ease of operation was also a high design priority. The AIM-8800 Infrared Microscope advances one step further into the new generation.

Complete control of microscope with AIM View:
The aperture is motor-driven, and its size and angle are freely set using mouse operation alone. Simply set the aperture over the sample, and the sampling area is automatically positioned for maximum infrared intensity. The aperture size and angle are always maintained.
Auto XY stage
Up to 10 sample positions and 2 background positions can be placed into memory, and the stage can be moved in increments as small as 1µm for finely detailed mapping.
Auto focus
Sophisticated focusing is unnecessary. Just one click of the mouse automatically brings the image into focus.
Auto centering
Double-clicking on any point in the visible observation screen will bring that spot to the center of the viewing area
Mapping software that allows dimensional analysis of points, lines and surfaces
High sensitivity MCT detector
A signal-to-noise ratio of 2600 to 1 is guaranteed in transmission measurement. The high-sensitivity glass dewar type MCT detector eliminates the need to re-evacuate every 1 to 2 years, as required with metallic dewar type MCT detectors

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